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Training Objective

The workshop focuses on Core Application Security principles aimed at Product Developers, Architects, Program Managers and Testers. The workshop aims to equip the trainees with platform and technology agnostic remediation strategies against application security vulnerabilities. 


What attendees will learn?

In addition to the updated concepts of OWASP Top 10 - 2017, the workshop is replete with real-world case studies, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. The modules are designed to drive home the concept of building applications securely - irrespective of technology and platform.

This is one of the best trainings I've done regardless of price or location

- Marc Armstrong, VGW

I think this was a fantastic training especially in terms of the quality of the labs. I've done a lot of different InfoSec trainings and the labs are usually a little haphazard. The labs in this training were structured in such a way that we could take this data and the labs themselves and keep working on the concepts discussed.

The class really exceeded my expectations

- Vedusha Chooramun, CBA and Bankwest Perth

I was expecting the course to be too basic but after getting some hands-on practice with the material I think it was really worth it in fact I felt the class enhanced the skills I already had. I'm taking away a lot of new techniques, new material which I can embed into my company. The trainer has been really great.

we45 - An AppSec Training Leader

Our Application Security Essentials training is a regular feature at marquee application security conferences across the world. Below is a snapshot of past and future trainings undertaken by we45.

we45 at NanoSec Conference 2019
we45 at AppSecDay 2018, Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training specific to any programming language?

No. The training has been designed to be beneficial to product teams across the globe irrespective of the tech stack they use. All the vulnerability remediation assistance and best practices in application security imparted in the training are agnostic of platform or technology.

What level of existing security awareness is required for the audience?

This course is aimed at facilitating cross-skill development across the engineering community like developers, architects or QA teams. Hence attendees are not expected to have any prior understanding of security.

What would be some tangible takeaways from this training on a short to medium term basis?

The core objective of this course is to help engineering teams develop secure applications. Attendees will be given a detailed understanding of how vulnerabilities are exploited in the wild along with best practices that aid in secure application development.

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