Automation Scripts for Penetration Testers


No amount of automation adoption will and can completely replace the benefits from Manual Penetration tests performed by skilled security engineers. However, in the current Agile landscape, the efficiency of a penetration test is not just measured in the number of bugs uncovered, but also the amount of time spent on executing the various test/threat scenarios. Security engineers, therefore, would have to come up with smart automation, that enables them to perform repetitive test cases in the least possible time-frame.

we45 presents to you - our Penetration Testing Script Repository. These scripts, carefully curated by our team of experienced pen-testers are sure to help you increase the depth of application security coverage.

These scripts can be configured depending on the attack type such as fuzzing parameters, brute-force guessing a user’s password, or cycling through page identifiers. This makes them all the more effective in helping you and your teams in your pen-testing efforts.

Scripts Currently in the Repository

  • Payload Automation (4 Scripts)
  • The 3 in 1 Reconnaissance Script

Go ahead - Download and get your hands dirty! 

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