Orchestron is an Application Vulnerability Correlation and Test Orchestration platform, which enables engineering and security teams perform efficient security scans within sprint cycles.

Businesses today, in an attempt to bring an application idea to customers as fast as possible, have switched from a Waterfall to Agile approach to product engineering. While the Agile method facilitates a fast delivery of products, it results in application development far outperforming application security. Further, security teams use multiple scan tools, that churn out vast number of reports with varying threat scores that need to be manually consolidated and sent back to the developers. There is a pressing need to bring security testing within a product’s sprint cycle without sacrificing depth or coverage.

Orchestron's ability to integrate with open source and commercial DAST/SAST tools, and its ability to run contextual scans, enables engineering teams to bring out efficiencies in application security testing by including testing as part of their release cycles. Its ability to automatically consolidate and correlate scan results not only eliminates manual consolidation of reports, but also provides greater depth in security assessments by presenting them on a single dashboard. This will in-turn increase visibility of vulnerabilities to the engineering team, which enables them to fix prioritized flaws, consequently leading to a more secure application throughout.

With Orchestron, your teams can also use testing scripts to extend their capabilities of functional test frameworks for reproduction and automation of exploit scenarios for faster remediations. They can also double down on these scripts by forming a scripts repository, which can be used for security regression tests throughout sprint cycles.

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