Compliance regulations, market competition, customer expectations and a host of other reasons, have mandated companies to have a solid Software Security Initiative (SSI) . More often than not, companies face challenges in identifying the right place to start, knowing how to build a sustainable and scalable security framework that addresses all risks and identifying the right people, processes and technologies to achieve this goal. While a piecemeal approach towards implementing security is sensible, true success cannot be achieved unless the software security initiative integrates all individual policies, activities and tools security initiatives in a cohesive and organic fashion.  

Some of the benefits of implementing a highly successful and mature Software Security Initiative includes:

  • A framework that unifies application security needs from customers, compliance regulations and internal threat assessments
  • A well defined and measurable “hop-skip-jump” approach to maturity in secure software development
  • Design and implement applicable security gates across various stage of Application Engineering, Deployment and Delivery
  • A system that assists in continuous detection and response to internal and external application security incidents.
  • Bringing together the Engineering, Security and DevOps teams towards a common objective of delivering high quality and secure software.

we45 works with companies in  designing their own Software Security Initiative or transforming their existing security best practices. we45’s enables our customers to

  • Evaluate their software development cycle process and gain insight into their security posture by using industry standard Secure SDLC frameworks such as BSIMM, OpenSAMM
  • Assist in ongoing improvement of software security posture by employing automation, standards and on-hands training.
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