Compliance regulations, market competition, the push for digitization and a host of other reasons, have mandated companies to have a solid Software Security Initiative (SSI) . More often than not, companies face challenges in identifying the right place to start, knowing how to build a sustainable and scalable security framework that addresses identifying the right people, processes, and technologies to achieve this goal. While a piecemeal approach towards implementing security is sensible, true success cannot be achieved unless the software security initiative integrates all individual policies, activities, tools, and initiatives in a cohesive fashion.

we45 assists product engineering teams :

  1. Realize a framework that unifies application security needs from customers, compliance regulations and internal threat assessments
  2. Adopt a well defined and measurable “hop-skip-jump” approach to consistently review and measure maturity in developing secure software
  3. Design and implement risk-based security gates across various stages of application design, development, and deployment
  4. Implement a system that assists in continuous detection and response to internal and external application security incidents.
  5. Bring together Engineering, Security and DevOps teams towards a common objective of delivering high quality and secure software.

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