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With most software today being deployed on the cloud, web applications are growing increasingly complex. Security becomes a serious concern when you're juggling microservices & APIs written in different languages, underlying cloud services like IAM, Kubernetes & containers, serverless functions  — all at massive scale.Your job is to build cool apps. Our job is to help secure them.

Leave no bug undiscovered

Attack-centric threat model

Before we start testing the app, we first build out an attack-centric threat model. This helps us draft test cases that allow us to uncover hard-to-find business logic flaws. When we start manually testing the app, we extensively use these threat model and test cases.

Security audit

Our first step is to take a grey-box' approach to walk through your application, its microserverices, APIs, and underlying cloud infrastructure.
By identifying threat scenarios and test cases, we save time by narrowing the focus of our testing, and maximize test coverage at a reasonable timeline and cost.

Cloud security audit

We then evaluate security configurations across your cloud services to determine specific vulnerabilities. This includes identity and access management (IAM), cryptography, and network security on your apps, among many other features.

Comprehensive testing

Leveraging our threat models and targeted test cases, we run extensive dynamic (DAST) and static (SAST) security tests across your apps. We don’t just stick to surface-level details, we root out deep-seated security weaknesses and business logic flaws that can affect various parts of your stack.


We compile our findings, conclusions, and expert recommendations in a detailed report, including a business impact analysis. Our reports are highly focused and specific, allowing developers to recreate flaws and systematically fix security issues.

The last word in web application security

Just because web apps have gotten bigger doesn't mean your security problems have to.
That's why you should stick to the experts.

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