Aneesh Bhargav
September 25, 2022

Why Security Training Sucks & How to Fix It

Users get hacked.

Domain takeovers still happen.

Over the last few years, tech guys realized that services, tools, and apps were lacking to keep sensitive information secure online.

Then someone had the bright idea of training end-users.

But is that enough?

Like it or not, security training sucks.

Everybody wants to acquire new sets of knowledge for their career growth, but security training is so boring!

If these points hit the bullseye with your company’s AppSec training, you have to do something about it and do it quickly.

The Million Dollar question is: How do you make it BETTER?

1. To make training fun, make it hands-on.

No one likes being spoon-fed information.

Keep your team engaged by letting them use their problem-solving skills. It also helps them to get used to what is expected from them based on their fields of expertise.

With AppSecEngineer's 600+ hands-on labs, you can play with real-world security scenarios!

2. Red & Blue-team security are two sides of the same coin. You need both.

You win the battle by predicting the next move of your enemies and planning your defense based on it.

It’s not enough that you know how to defend your apps from the security threats you might get.

You need to understand how the attack/exploits work AND how to secure your apps against it.

AppSecEngineer's labs follow an Attack → Detect → Defend pattern in all our courses.

3. Everyone starts with OWASP Top 10, but AppSec goes way deeper.

From cryptography & secrets management to AWS network security, to building security automation pipelines, to secure coding.

The 40+ courses on our platform cover all that and much, much more.

4. Everyone on your product team needs RELEVANT AppSec training.

From your DevOps engineers to architects, to QA testers to cloud engineers. Everyone benefits by learning security.

That's why AppSecEngineer offers courses for literally every role on the product team.

Train your team in security training, but DO IT RIGHT!

AppSecEngineer, with the world’s biggest library of hands-on courses, is the training program that your team needs.

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With the most complete training option, you can get for your team, keep security training exciting and interactive with AppSecEngineer's huge library of hands-on courses.