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Craft a clear security roadmap with our tailored threat modeling. Anticipate vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses tailored to your app.

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by default.

Engineering teams that ignore security have to go back and fix their apps before release.
Weak security = Inefficient development.
As your trusted partner in product security, we45 can help you build apps securely by default.Save time, release faster, and never worry about security again.

Cloud Security Assessments

Open up your cloud apps like never before. We use every offensive technique in the book to break your app and document what we find, from logic flaws to insecure APIs.

Kubernetes & Containers

Containers? Kubernetes? Advanced tech can often lead to advanced problems. But, don’t pull your hair out just yet. If your apps are leveraging cloud-native tech, we're your dedicated security tailors—ensuring everything fits snug and secure.

Cloud Security Automation

Overworked security team? We help automate, so while your developers develop, our tools are hard at work making sure they don’t accidentally invite the bad guys in.

API Security

We combine extensive research on API and Cloud Security to secure your APIs and microservices on the cloud, whether it’s traditional deployment or FaaS.

Cloud Security Architecture

Migrating to the cloud? It’s dangerous to go alone, take this! Our Cloud Security Architecture services can help you migrate and scale securely.

Security Monitoring

Cyberattacks are like termites, slow but destructive. Using our nifty automation, we're your 24/7 watchdogs, sniffing out and alerting on cloud security incidents while you focus on what you do best.

Securing Tomorrow’s Threats Today

As app landscapes evolve, vulnerabilities become increasingly sophisticated. With our R&D team, you're preemptively fortified against looming threats—providing peace of mind in a fast-moving digital age.

Excellence In Every Detail

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, we45 combines unmatched expertise with thorough attention. With us, you're not just getting security; you're getting the best in the business. Choose top-tier protection today.

No Nook Left Unchecked

Our rigorous testing methodologies ensure that every potential vulnerability, no matter how hidden, is identified and addressed.

Customized Security Strategy

Every business is unique. We delve deep, understand the nuances of your operations, and develop a security blueprint meticulously tailored for your Kubernetes environment.

Optimized Existing Protocols

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we refine and reinforce your current security setups. This ensures they're not just strong, but also aligned with your business objectives.

Cloud and Kubernetes in Harmony

We bridge Kubernetes configurations with diverse cloud services. Ensuring not just compatibility, but a harmonized security strategy that's robust and reliable.

Unprecedented Attacks

SolarWinds, NotPetya, Stuxnet – the names send shivers down the spine. Billions lost, trust shattered.

Ticking Time Bomb

One compromised component or an insecure library can spell disaster. Is your organization bulletproof?

Regulatory Compliance

Since 2021, if you're dealing with the US Government, supply chain assessments aren't just 'best practice' - they're mandatory.

Secure Your App from Every Angle

Ever heard of STRIDE, PASTA, or VAST? We use leading methodologies to scan every nook and cranny of your app for vulnerabilities. With us, you'll know your app's attack surface and key threats better than you know your favorite meal.

User & Abuser Stories

We don’t just guess how users and attackers might approach your app. We become them. Stepping into the shoes of both friend and foe allows us to see every potential weak spot, ensuring your app's security isn't just a fairy tale.

Customized Blueprints For Airtight Defense

You wouldn’t wear a one-size-fits-all suit to a big meeting. So, why settle for generic security testing? Our team crafts bespoke security test cases and attack models tailored for your app, ensuring that it stands strong against specific threats.

Effortless Integration, Ultimate Protection

Your DevSecOps pipeline is crucial to your software’s life, and we get that. With our expertise, seamlessly embed a rock-solid threat model into your development process. Ensuring your app's security isn’t just an afterthought—it’s an essential chapter of its story.

Clarity Through Data-Driven Decisions

Rely on extensive data analysis to fortify your defenses. Navigate your application’s security landscape with insights that matter.

Custom Solutions For Unique Challenges

Your business isn't generic. Why should your security solutions be? Experience an approach crafted especially for your industry's challenges.

Comprehensive Tech Stack Evaluation

From network layouts to web frameworks, leave no stone unturned. Partner with us for a meticulous review that ensures no vulnerability remains unchecked.

Zero Trust Security Services

Implement Zero Trust Now

Zero Trust For Zero Breaches

With Zero Trust, we eliminate the "trust but verify" model. Instead, we "never trust, always verify." This ensures that even if an attacker gains access, they can't move laterally across your network, significantly reducing your risk profile.

Compliance Made Easy

Zero Trust isn't just about security; it's about business enablement. Our approach helps you meet and exceed multiple industry-specific regulations by implementing strict access controls and continuous monitoring, turning compliance from a chore to a competitive advantage.

Early Detection, Timely Action

Our Zero Trust architecture reviews identify vulnerabilities at the earliest stages of your development lifecycle. By requiring multi-factor authentication and applying microsegmentation, we ensure that any potential breach is contained and neutralized before it can escalate.

DevSecOps Solutions

Get DevSecOps Solutions Now

Building phase

This is where the real work starts. Once the code has been checked into the repo, we'll help you integrate frequent security testing.

Testing phase

Using automation platforms like Jenkins, we'll build a DevSecOps pipeline to perform security checks when code is checked in.We use CI platforms to build an automated toolchain to scan the app in runtime. Our custom scripts also identify business logic vulnerabilities.

Deployment phase

We set up automated scanning of your app’s cloud infrastructure, and components like containers and Kubernetes clusters.

Less Risks, More Peace Of Mind

Our automated systems proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, significantly reducing the financial, reputational, and regulatory risks associated with data breaches.

Automated Security Monitoring

Never miss a beat – or a threat. Our Cloud Security Automation Services include 24/7 automated monitoring, ensuring that any potential risks are identified and neutralized in real-time.

Scalable Security Solutions

As your business grows, so do your security needs. Our services are designed to scale with you, ensuring that your security measures are as agile and adaptable as your business.

Automatic Correlation

Automatically import scan results from security tools and process the data with zero inputs or configurations by the user. Use APIs and webhooks with CI platforms like Jenkins or custom security tools.With automatic correlation and deduplication, your DevSecOps pipeline has never been this low-maintenance.

Massive vulnerability database

Orchestron Risk Language (ORL) is a patented custom database created by we45. It offers exhaustive detail on every vulnerability, its impact, and stage of occurrence (architecture, deployment, etc.).It then provides relevant inputs for remediation, as well as Good & Bad Code snippets to assist developers.

False positive management

Orchestron automatically detects and marks false positives. It talks to scan tools and based on their confidence scope, it uses analytics and heuristics to tag flaws as false positives.You can also manually mark them to further fine-tune and declutter the data.

Severity-based prioritization

Using advanced analytics and heuristics, Orchestron lets you Instantly know which vulnerabilities pose the biggest risk to your application, and need to be dealt with first.Plan your remediation strategy with speed and efficiency in mind.

Rich dashboard

Vulnerability categories, severities, tools, and tons of other metrics come in clear, color-coded graphs and charts. Get a clear picture of where your biggest weaknesses lie across your apps, and access advanced data in literal seconds.

Custom tool support

Orchestron offers built-in support for 20 industry-standard tools, plus seamless custom integrations with JSON.Using APIs and webhooks takes it even further, letting Orchestron talk to basically all security tools or CI platforms on the market today.

Security training that isn’t 
a snoozefest

Build your very own SEAL Team Six of security with our help.Skip the boring lectures and experience hands-on AppSec training like you’ve never seen.


Ever wanted all your product security training on a single platform? We can do even better. Nearly 50 courses in Cloud Security, Kubernetes Security, DevSecOps, Threat Modeling and more. Video lessons reinforced with 400+ hands-on labs. All on your browser. That’s AppSecEngineer.

Instructor - Led Training

We tailor courses for your organization, complete with hands-on labs and cutting-edge content. Teams stay engaged when they learn skills relevant to their roles. we45 pioneers Kubernetes and Cloud Security training no one else is doing. We've trained Fortune 500 companies, and sold out at Black Hat, DEF CON, and OWASP. If you need personalized training for your organization, we're the ones to call.

This is AppSec designed to fire on all cylinders

We understand that security isn't one-size-fits-all. Tailored solutions for building bulletproof security programs: that's we45.

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