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AppSec training tailored for your organization. 
Make all your teams security-fluent.

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This is NOT a workshop

we45 is all about hardcore application security training programs for enterprise workflows. You’ll be diving deep into Cloud, Kubernetes, DevSecOps, or Threat Modeling. From the very basics to the most advanced.Our courses are designed to make security work for you, not the other way around.

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Simulate real-world security with hands-on labs

Teams that train hands-on learn better, forget less, and have way more fun. That's why all our lessons feature lab environments modeled after real-world security incidents. What your teams learn today, they can implement tomorrow.

The ADD Method: Attack, Detect, & Defend

Our Instructor-led Training covers everything you need to comprehensively secure your apps. Train in offensive techniques to exploit software, and learn to detect these attacks. Your teams can then build customized defense systems designed for your organization.

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Secure any tech stack under the sun

Whatever your use case, we've got a security course for you.Train every single member of your team in their core specialization.

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We customize training for your needs

If your organization has specific requirements for security training, we've got you covered. Tell us what you need in a training program and we'll create custom course material just for you. Let's get talking!

Our Clients Love Us, And We Love Them Too

We were finding that more than half our team members were regularly skipping mandatory security training. we45 changed all that by giving us highly customized training in AWS security and DevSecOps. Our team instantly responded to the hands-on labs, and we started to see way more interest from team for more training.

Senior Security Engineer at National Telecommunications Giant

Our main motivation for choosing we45's Kubernetes training was their hands-on labs. They exceeded our expectations, giving my team a way to quickly learn real-world skills without having to sit through hours of pointless theory.

Security Lead at Multinational Software Corporation

The AWS security trainings by we45 offer an enormous amount of content in practically every aspect of cloud security in AWS. Our team were able to easily translate their newfound skills into security improvements to our actual AWS infrastructure in less than 2 months.

Head of security of National Insurance Provider

The best AppSec training in the biz

we45 has been training at top security events like Black Hat, DEF CON, and OWASP for years. Zero compromise training that gets results. That's we45.

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