Software Supply Chain Security

Your Software Supply Chain: 
A Million Moving Parts, One Solution

In the intricate web of software supply chains, even a single unguarded link can expose vulnerabilities.

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Why Supply Chain Security Is Non-Negotiable

Don’t just guard against threats, preempt them with we45.

Secure My Supply Chain Now

Unprecedented Attacks

SolarWinds, NotPetya, Stuxnet – the names send shivers down the spine. Billions lost, trust shattered.

Ticking Time Bomb

One compromised component or an insecure library can spell disaster. Is your organization bulletproof?

Regulatory Compliance

Since 2021, if you're dealing with the US Government, supply chain assessments aren't just 'best practice' - they're mandatory.

The Simple 6-Step Process To Unveil Any Vulnerabilities

Supply Chain Assessments

From developer environments to deployment – we cover it all.

Git & CI/CD Workflows

An in-depth assessment of your Git workflows, ensuring no weak links in the chain.

Source Composition Analysis

A meticulous scan to identify all open-source components at play.

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

Post-SCA, we craft a detailed SBOM to root out potential security concerns.

Package Management Audit

Detailed reports on your systems with actionable remediation steps.

Elevating Developer Security

By understanding your developers' current practices, we provide invaluable feedback to enhance secure coding.

Client-Side Dependency Analysis

Because sometimes, the threat is external. We ensure you're protected from third-party vulnerabilities.

Deployment Environment Check

Assessing every external component to guarantee a seamless, secure deployment.


Learn from the Leaders

Our team dives deep into your Kubernetes cluster deployment to uncover all possible weaknesses. We then offer a comprehensive and optionality-focused set of recommendations for your company’s Kubernetes Cluster.

Attacking the Application Supply Chain

2 day Training | Instructor-led

The surge in supply chain attacks has cost organizations billions, making comprehensive supply-chain security non-negotiable and, in many instances, mandatory by regulations.For pentesters and red-teams, understanding these vulnerabilities isn't just essential; it's critical. Dive deep with our hands-on training, where you'll:

Grasp the intricacies of application supply chains.

Engage in real-world, story-driven scenarios: exploit CI systems, build setups, container infrastructure, and cloud platforms like Kubernetes, AWS, and Azure.

Enhance learning through meticulously crafted labs, grounded in real-life incidents.

Our training isn't just about theory, it's a glued-to-keyboard, deep dive into the world of application supply chains. Sold out in hours at Blackhat USA 2022 and an impressive 4.8/5 rating.

Defending the Application Supply Chain

2 day Training | Instructor-led

As supply chain threats soar, costing billions, organizations can't afford to be passive. Equip your team with the tools and knowledge to actively defend against these evolving threats. In this training, you'll:

Delve deep into the mechanics of application supply chains and recognize potential exploits.

Master defense strategies for CI systems, build setups, and cloud platforms including Kubernetes, AWS, and Azure.

Engage in real-world, story-backed labs for a vivid, hands-on learning experience.

More than a mere course, this is a hands-on expedition into the world of supply chain. Validated by a 4.8/5 rating, sold out in hours at Blackhat USA 2022, grab the training & walk away with the capability to shield your application supply chain effectively.

Our Clients Love Us, And We Love Them Too

Our team had been building software for years without really taking the security of our open source components seriously. But we45 was incredibly thorough in performing assessments, source comp analysis, building SBOMs, and gave our developers much-needed feedback on secure coding practices.

Senior Security Engineer of International Logistics Firm

we45 helped us transform the way our developers treated third party dependencies, and we were able to apply their unique approach to supply chain security in every facet of our infrastructure.

CISO of Leading Food and Beverage Conglomerate

There were so many aspects to the software supply chain that our team didn't understand well enough. we45 changed all that, helping us bring sweeping changes to the way we build, test, and deploy our apps.

Manager of Security Engineering at Multinational Media Company

End Your Supply ChainVulnerabilities For Good

Achieve optimal cloud performance and security, empowering your business to thrive in today's digital age.

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