Threat Modeling Services

See Threats Before They Strike. Your App’s Security Mapped Out.

Craft a clear security roadmap with our tailored threat modeling. Anticipate vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses tailored to your app.

A Strategic Defense for Every App

Going into application security blind can mean wasted resources, inefficient processes, and worst of all: dangerous security problems. Every successful AppSec program needs a plan. And every good plan needs a blueprint. The difference we make is custom-fitting our solution to your exact needs.

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Secure Your App from Every Angle

Ever heard of STRIDE, PASTA, or VAST? We use leading methodologies to scan every nook and cranny of your app for vulnerabilities. With us, you'll know your app's attack surface and key threats better than you know your favorite meal.

User & Abuser Stories

We don’t just guess how users and attackers might approach your app. We become them. Stepping into the shoes of both friend and foe allows us to see every potential weak spot, ensuring your app's security isn't just a fairy tale.

Customized Blueprints For Airtight Defense

You wouldn’t wear a one-size-fits-all suit to a big meeting. So, why settle for generic security testing? Our team crafts bespoke security test cases and attack models tailored for your app, ensuring that it stands strong against specific threats.

Effortless Integration, Ultimate Protection

Your DevSecOps pipeline is crucial to your software’s life, and we get that. With our expertise, seamlessly embed a rock-solid threat model into your development process. Ensuring your app's security isn’t just an afterthought—it’s an essential chapter of its story.

Revolutionizing Threat Modeling: Introducing ThreatPlaybook

We don’t just know threat modeling – we wrote the guide on it. Our "Threat Playbook" isn't just words, it's our commitment to keeping apps safe. Trust the experts who put it in black and white. Protect your apps with the best in the biz.

Codify Threat Models: Transform user and abuser narratives into YAML files, streamlining threat model generation and processing.

Integrate Comprehensive Security Test Cases: Seamlessly incorporate SAST, DAST, and SCA tools to bolster your security armory.

Automate and Iterate: Leveraging the Robot Framework, continually refine threat models, execute security automation tests, and stay ahead of threats.

Broaden Your Threat Perspective: Correlate your model with an expansive threat library, offering a panoramic view of potential risks.

Harmonize with OWASP ASVS: Obtain actionable remediation insights by integrating with the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard.

Bespoke Security Tailored For You

No two apps are the same. Your unique application deserves an equally unique security blueprint. With we45, you receive a security plan curated just for you.

Our Clients Love Us, And We Love Them Too

we45 helped us figure out security for our apps from the ground up. We were able to map our threat surface to key attack vectors through user & abuse stories, integrate our threat model into our DevSecOps pipeline, and even implement threat modeling-as-code across our software.

Project Manager at Global Consumer Electronics Company

Prior to working with we45, our threat modeling process was disjointed and lacked depth. we45's approach to threat modeling, using detailed story-driven threat models, has been a game-changer.

Director of Security Operations of Multinational Engineering Firm

we45 didn't just help us to build more secure software, it gave us a way to look at the 'big picture' of our development process, right from the design to production phase. Threat modeling helped us achieve a complete blueprint for security.

Senior Security Engineer at National Telecommunications Giant

Crafting Defense From Understanding Threats.

Harness the precision of expert threat modeling, anticipating risks and ensuring your infrastructure's resilience against ever-evolving digital challenges.

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