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Hand over the complexities of Kubernetes security to experts who tailor solutions to your needs.

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Kubernetes Made Effortless

Kubernetes is intricate; its security even more so. we45 provides a seamless, end-to-end service ensuring your Kubernetes infrastructure is robustly safeguarded without you lifting a finger.

Secure Your Kubernetes Today

Customized Security Strategy

Every business is unique. We delve deep, understand the nuances of your operations, and develop a security blueprint meticulously tailored for your Kubernetes environment.

Optimized Existing Protocols

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we refine and reinforce your current security setups. This ensures they're not just strong, but also aligned with your business objectives.

Cloud and Kubernetes in Harmony

We bridge Kubernetes configurations with diverse cloud services. Ensuring not just compatibility, but a harmonized security strategy that's robust and reliable.

Kubernetes Security Assessments

Our team dives deep into your Kubernetes cluster deployment to uncover all possible weaknesses. We then offer a comprehensive and optionality-focused set of recommendations for your company’s Kubernetes Cluster.

Security Assessments

We first understand your business requirements, workloads, and Kubernetes deployment environment. By creating a high-level Threat Model, we analyze your cluster design and deployment.

Cluster Security Configuration

Kubernetes Clusters are extremely tricky to configure. We set about systematically configuring your cluster RBAC, policy, network (service mesh), secrets management, DevOps, supply chain, etc.

Security Recommendations

Once we've gathered all the information we need, our team draws up a comprehensive assessment report with all our findings, observations, a high-level Threat Model, security recommendations, and more.

Kubernetes Security Automation

Kubernetes Security without Automation does not scale. Right from Policy Management to Incident Response, we help you not only design an automation strategy but implement it as well

The Best Of Both Worlds

From exhaustive pentesting to robust security assessments, we45 offers a 360-degree view of your Kubernetes vulnerabilities.

Secure Your Kubernetes Today

Our Clients Love Us, And We Love Them Too

We’d only recently begun our apps to Kubernetes, and a big concern for us was security. Thankfully, we45 has supported us every step of the way, helping us securely configure our clusters, performing regular assessments, and conducting recon into our components. We’re even getting their help to automate our Kubernetes security soon.

CISO of Global Pharmaceutical Leader

As if Kubernetes wasn't complex enough on its own, the new security challenges we were facing slowed my team down massively. But with we45's help, we were able to make turn things around in a matter of months, and our container infrastructure has never looked better.

Security Lead at Multinational Software Corporation

we45 gave us the full Purple Team Kubernetes experience, performing privilege escalation attacks and creating custom exploits, followed by exhaustive assessments, cluster configuration, and automation pipelines. It was a complete security transformation for us.

Head of Engineering at Major Government Organization

Turn Kubernetes Security Concerns Into Confidence

Let the intricacies of Kubernetes security be our problem, not yours.
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