The easiest way to manage vulnerability scans and speed up DevOps

Security automation like you've never seen

Aggregation is just about compiling security scan results. You need to deal with false positives, duplicate results, severity of bugs, and categorisation. Most automation solutions don't account for the biggest problems teams face.But Orchestron isn't like most automation solutions. It's on a whole other level.

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Vulnerability correlation powerhouse

Automatic Correlation

Automatically import scan results from security tools and process the data with zero inputs or configurations by the user. Use APIs and webhooks with CI platforms like Jenkins or custom security tools.With automatic correlation and deduplication, your DevSecOps pipeline has never been this low-maintenance.

Severity-based prioritization

Using advanced analytics and heuristics, Orchestron lets you Instantly know which vulnerabilities pose the biggest risk to your application, and need to be dealt with first.Plan your remediation strategy with speed and efficiency in mind.

Massive vulnerability database

Orchestron Risk Language (ORL) is a patented custom database created by we45. It offers exhaustive detail on every vulnerability, its impact, and stage of occurrence (architecture, deployment, etc.).It then provides relevant inputs for remediation, as well as Good & Bad Code snippets to assist developers.

Rich dashboard

Vulnerability categories, severities, tools, and tons of other metrics come in clear, color-coded graphs and charts. Get a clear picture of where your biggest weaknesses lie across your apps, and access advanced data in literal seconds.

False positive management

Orchestron automatically detects and marks false positives. It talks to scan tools and based on their confidence scope, it uses analytics and heuristics to tag flaws as false positives.You can also manually mark them to further fine-tune and declutter the data.

Custom tool support

Orchestron offers built-in support for 20 industry-standard tools, plus seamless custom integrations with JSON.Using APIs and webhooks takes it even further, letting Orchestron talk to basically all security tools or CI platforms on the market today.

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Our Clients Love Us, And We Love Them Too

Orchestron came to us at a time when our team was drowning in vulnerabilities, giving us very little time to remediate them in our release cycle. With Orchestron, we were able to correlate hundreds of vulns and remove duplicates, massively streamlining our pipeline and making it way more efficient in just months.

Project Manager at Global Consumer Electronics Company

The seamless way Orchestron fits into the rest of our development pipeline is truly impressive. By integrating with our scan tools, it efficiently correlates results and provides us with detailed analytics that are invaluable in prioritizing and addressing vulnerabilities.

Senior Security Engineer of International Logistics Firm

Managing vulnerabilities across our complex IT environment used to be a daunting task. Orchestron came along and totally changed the game. The rich analytics it provides have not only saved us time but also improved our overall security resilience.

CISO of Leading Financial Institution

Full control 
with zero micromanagement

Get all the efficiency of security automation without missing the accuracy of manual testing.Orchestron really is that good.

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