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Fortifying your software lifecycle with security at every stage of development

We manage the intricacies of cloud security so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Break the silos, build together

When Security and Development teams work in closed-off silos, collaboration hits a brick wall. Testing every single new build for security wastes hundreds of man-hours. DevSecOps lets you automate your security program like never before. Bring your Security and DevOps programs to a level playing field.
Security should never come at the cost of speed. We’ll make sure of that.

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Security automation from start to finish

Cloud threats are evolving, but with our all-inclusive security solutions, you won't have to lift a finger. Just business as usual, with the peace of mind you deserve.

Building phase

This is where the real work starts. Once the code has been checked into the repo, we'll help you integrate frequent security testing.

Testing phase

Using automation platforms like Jenkins, we'll build a DevSecOps pipeline to perform security checks when code is checked in.We use CI platforms to build an automated toolchain to scan the app in runtime. Our custom scripts also identify business logic vulnerabilities.

Deployment phase

We set up automated scanning of your app’s cloud infrastructure, and components like containers and Kubernetes clusters.

Vulnerability Correlation

We don’t just know threat modeling – we wrote the guide on it. Our "Threat Playbook" isn't just words, it's our commitment to keeping apps safe. Trust the experts who put it in black and white. Protect your apps with the best in the biz.

Our Clients Love Us, And We Love Them Too

We began noticing the results within months of working with we45. Before that my team had faced numerous roadblocks in automating security for our CI/CD pipelines in order to keep pace with DevOps. we45 helped us solve all these problems and more in a short timeline.

DevOps Lead at Global Consumer Electronics Company

we45's holistic approach to embedding security seamlessly into our DevOps practices has been nothing short of transformative. Their team not only pinpoints vulnerabilities but also empowers us with automated solutions that accelerate our software delivery while ensuring robust security.

CISO of Leading Food and Beverage Conglomerate

The team at we45 excels in automating security checks and providing instant developer feedback has brought newfound agility and security to our development pipeline. Now, we can confidently deliver secure, high-quality software to our customers.

Head of Security Engineering at Premier Luxury Hotel Chain

Cheaper, faster, easier. Oh, and long-term.

DevSecOps is easy to understand but hard to master. Why do it alone?Give the automation experts at we45 a call. We'll handle it for you.

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