Build a comprehensive security blueprint for your apps.
Leverage your strengths, identify your weaknesses.

There's no security without a plan

Going into application security blind can mean wasted resources, inefficient processes, and worst of all:
dangerous security problems in your apps.
Every successful AppSec program needs a plan. And every good plan needs a blueprint.
The difference we make is custom-fitting our solution to your exact needs.

We wrote the book on Threat Modeling


We leverage leading threat modeling methodologies like STRIDE, PASTA and VAST to determine your app's attack surface and key threat vectors.

User & Abuser Stories

By getting into the shoes of typical users and attackers, we explore ways an outsider might interact with your app and expose security vulnerabilities.

Security Test Cases

Using the data we gather, our team builds highly customized security test cases and attack models that can help with security testing and automation.


We can help you integrate the fully functioning threat model into your DevSecOps pipeline as an essential part of your software development lifecycle (SDLC).

The future of
Threat Modeling is code

Our open source project — ThreatPlaybook — brings together threat modeling as code and application security automation into a singular framework. ThreatPlaybook enables you to codify threat models by capturing user and abuser stories as YAML files, that can be parsed and processed. It also lets you capture security test cases, from SAST, DAST, and SCA tools. Using the Robot Framework, you can process the threat models and run the security automation test cases. This lets you perform iterative threat modeling as code, correlate your threat model to a vast threat library, and integrate it with OWASP ASVS for remediation inputs. But that’s just the beginning.

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Every threat, every scenario accounted for

Threat modeling is all about greater transparency into how your apps work.
Be in control of your product’s security at every stage, from design to deployment.

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