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Automated security is easy. It’s also ineffective.
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The Best Security is Custom-Built

Kubernetes security can be extremely complicated, and automated tests don’t account for the nature of your business or development practices.
The difference we make is custom-fitting our solution to your exact needs.

The 4 Ingredients of Unbreakable Kubernetes Security

Business decides strategy

Your security practices must be built to fit the nature of your business

Reinforce, don’t rebuild

Don’t throw out your existing security practices. Improve them instead

Cloud-friendly Kubernetes

Kubernetes security programs need to play nice with cloud services

A tool for every job

Understand the Kubernetes tool ecosystem to apply them effectively

Red Team or Blue Team?

Now You Don't Have to Choose

Pentesting & Red-Teaming

We use both black-box (external, no privilege) and white-box (internal, low privilege) approaches to pentest your apps. Paired with an Offensive Threat Model, we exhaustively analyze your security posture inside-out.


We analyze Control Plane and service mesh components, build dependencies, and DevOps implementations. Then we use automated and manual recon techniques to map out the attack surface.

Exploiting Vulnerabilities

After identifying vulnerabilities in various components and custom resources in the Kubernetes API, Custom Resource Definitions or other workloads our team leverages custom exploits to break into your clusters and escalate privileges.


By realistically simulating an attacker's behavior in a variety of scenarios, we explore the possibilities of privilege escalation and lateral movement against the Control Plane using multiple techniques.

Kubernetes Security Assessments

Our team dives deep into your Kubernetes cluster deployment to uncover all possible weaknesses. We then offer a comprehensive and optionality-focused set of recommendations for your company’s Kubernetes Cluster.

Security Assessments

We first understand your business requirements, workloads, and Kubernetes deployment environment. By creating a high-level Threat Model, we analyze your cluster design and deployment.

Cluster Security Configuration

Kubernetes Clusters are extremely tricky to configure. We set about systematically configuring your cluster RBAC, policy, network (service mesh), secrets management, DevOps, supply chain, etc.

Security Recommendations

Once we've gathered all the information we need, our team draws up a comprehensive assessment report with all our findings, observations, a high-level Threat Model, security recommendations, and more.

Kubernetes Security Automation

Kubernetes Security without Automation does not scale. Right from Policy Management to Incident Response, we help you not only design an automation strategy but implement it as well

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