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What's happening Today?

The way applications are built is constantly evolving. As a result, securing them against real-world threats is getting progressively challenging. we45 helps find security vulnerabilities in an application by simulating a real-world attack, to enable product teams to find and fix security issues before they can be exploited by malicious parties. Our testing methodology combines the best of OWASP, SANS, OSSTMM, and PTES methodologies to deliver powerful results not only around known vulnerabilities, but also the deep-seated business logic flaws such as Authorization, Authentication, and Crypto implementations. Be it Browser-Based Web Apps, Mobile apps, or application program interface (API), our approach leverages automated and manual testing along with custom scripts to uncover even the most deep-seated injection, business logic, and access control flaws.

The we45 difference

We tailor make test cases for your App

A "one size fits all" testing model, never works for Application Security. Our contextual threat modeling approach ensures that we tailor our tests to every application we test, which is modeled based on the application’s architecture, components, deployment topology, functionality, tech stack, etc.

Right balance between breadth and Depth

To optimize the efforts of penetration testing, our experts use custom scripts to automate testing whenever and wherever necessary, while using manual techniques to identify more complex vulnerabilities that require a greater level of attention and expertise than what tools provide. 

Deliver action ready smart reports

we45’s Vulnerability Management Engine (VME) helps deliver test reports with a prioritized list of vulnerabilities based on industry standards. Further, recommendations and vulnerability remediation strategies are also provided using code snippet examples.

Choose what suits you best


Exhaustive audit of your security posture. Meet compliance needs with ease.

Plain VAPT

Enjoy timeless protection against security defects through our security regression solution.

VAPT with security regression
VAPT + Regression + Security Automation

Sit back, relax and let us build you a framework that delivers security at agile pace.

we45 VAPT-Regression-security-automation

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