DEVSECOPS: we "Fortify" DevOps

Application development in today’s age is all about Speed, Scalability, Quality and Security. However, incorporating all these aspects as part of the development process without compromising one or the other is a true challenge. One of the ways of achieving this is DevSecOps - a comprehensive framework that allows companies to achieve increase their secure product throughput without sacrificing scale or quality. we45 defines DevSecOps as a means by which engineering and security teams incorporate security, continuously and organically throughout the application lifecycle. This is possible by -

  • Implementing a continuous security automation framework that cuts across various phases of application development.
  • Identifying and fixing security flaws as early in the development lifecycle
  • Adopting effective application risk assessment right from requirements gathering to deployment
we45 understands the challenges that companies face in successfully implementing DevSecOps as part of their rapid application development and offers the following services to augment software security.