we45's Fedex Week

Team we45
March 1, 2019
we45's Fedex Week

Research and Learning has been a big area of focus at my company, we45. We pride ourselves in teaching and training, new and experienced cohorts who join our organization. Its not only a fun process to see someone learn a new skill, but incredibly rewarding to see it being applied extensively in their sphere of work. We have weekly training sessions with people speaking about something they have learned through the week. We have two Capture-The-Flag events through the year, where we deliver a pretty tough CTF for our pentesters to find and solve. We put the "Continuous" in "Continuous Education".This year, we started something new at we45. This is the "Fedex Week". The idea of this week is that every team ships <something> by the end of the week. We start on Monday and end on the Friday of that week. Everyone divides themselves into teams of 1-4 people during Fedex week and they work on a project for a week, where they spend 80% of their time during that week on the project, and 20% of client deliverables (we pick a lean week). This is exactly the opposite during other times of the year. During Fedex week, they need to "ship"/deliver something. This something could be:

At the end of the week, there's a showcase session followed by a small party to end a week of constructive "doing". We had previously conducted "Fedex Days" where this entire exercise was reduced to a 24 hour window, but we found that 24 hours was too short to "deliver" anything.This year's week long project was a resounding success! We had some awesome projects being showcased by the teams. The teams largely consisted of penetration testers and security engineers, and they brought their "A" games to the table. Among the projects showcased, we saw:

Some of these projects will be open-sourced in the coming weeks. However, for me personally, this was an extremely rewarding experience for the following reasons:

Overall, I think we had a great Fedex week at we45. Lots of learning for everyone. I see great potential for some projects coming out of the week.On a side note, we45 is hiring Security Analysts for our Bangalore office. If you are interested, drop us a line and your profile here.