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Here's why you should be part of we45.

People do their best work when they have the freedom to approach problems their own way. Every perspective matters, and we want to hear your unique voice.Our small, tightly integrated team of young professionals means you never get drowned out. We encourage experimentation, creativity, and unconventional thinking.Work with international clients, build your technical and social skills, and build industry-defining products and services.If you want to grow professionally and have a ton of fun doing it, we45 is the place to be.

Work-life balance

We respect the boundaries between personal and professional life. Weekends are a no-work zone, and we don't encourage working overtime. We care about your mental health and wellbeing, and want you to be happy and stress-free at work.

Remote work

Our entire team works remotely! We have team members all around the world, and we're all about online collaboration. Want to work in your pajamas? Go ahead, we won't judge! Just...put on a shirt before hopping on a video call.


We encourage all our team members to work on personal projects while they're with us. Experiment with your work, try out new techniques and tools, and keep learning. We want you to grow and develop on a personal and professional level.

Relaxed Work Environment

At we45, we don't believe in arbitrary rules or traditions. All we look for is good, honest work and communication with the rest of the team. We don't set unrealistic deadlines or workloads, and we don't impose strict work hours on our team.

Fewer meetings, more action

Don't worry, we hate long, boring meetings too! We have meetings only when necessary, and keep them relevant to actionable strategies and goals. Less talking, more doing. we45 is a no snoozing-on-call-zone, and we're proud of it!

Team Getaways

Once a year, we organize a company-wide retreat for all team members where we spend a couple of days disconnecting from work and reconnecting with each other. Meet your colleagues in person and make some new friends!

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we45 is an believes in a Remote-first, Research-focussed, uplifting culture a work centered on constant learning and improvement. We are supportive and encouraging of diversity and are proud to have made so many careers in InfoSec.

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