Cloud-native doesn't have to be hard.
We help you secure complex cloud services
running at any scale.

Human expertise meets scalable security

Cloud services give you a ton of options, from deployment to data services.
But all that choice quickly gets overwhelming, especially from a security standpoint. 
How do you maintain cloud scale and speed without sacrificing security? 

We can help you find that balance.

Build a continuous, sustainable security program

Cloud Security Assessments

The first step to better cloud security. We perform a variety of security scans to determine the nature and severity of vulnerabilities in your apps.


If your apps are built on cloud-native tech like containers or Kubernetes, we can help you configure them securely.

Cloud Security Automation

Your security team can finally keep pace with development. Automate security in the cloud, all the way from deployment to incident managemen

API Security

We combine extensive research on API and Cloud Security to secure your APIs and microservices on the cloud, whether it’s traditional deployment or FaaS.

Cloud Security Architecture

Migrating to the cloud? It’s dangerous to go alone, take this! Our Cloud Security Architecture services can help you migrate and scale securely.

Security Monitoring

Cyberattacks don't happen overnight. Using our automation practices, we can help you build out security automation to detect cloud security incidents at scale.

AWS, Azure, GCP.
It's all here.

We're experts in securing every major
cloud services provider on the market.

You name it, we got it.

We’re global leaders in cloud security training

we45 is one of the most trusted names in application security training around the world. We offer security masterclasses at conferences like Black Hat, as well as customized training for Fortune 500 companies and government organizations.

If your organization is looking for world-class AppSec training, there’s simply no better option.

Where there's cloud, there's we45

Securing your cloud-native apps doesn't have to come at the cost of scalability.
Real cloud security experts let you have the best of both worlds.

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