Giving you a 360-degree view of your application security posture from the inside out.

That's where we come in.

For maximum security, you need maximum visibility

The most effective security program is one that's driven by data.
You don't just want to find the security issues you're looking for, you want to find the ones you never knew you had.
we45 brings an unprecedented level of extensive data analysis and security expertise to your apps, right from the early design phase. No one's better at finding hidden security flaws than we are.

Understand your business

We start by identifying security requirements specific to your industry and business, customizing our approach to the challenges your product team faces.

Design & architecture analysis

We evaluate the architecture of the app, including microservices, data shared between them, integration with external systems, and the cloud environment.

Tech stack review

With the help of your dev team, we examine how the app was designed and built. We also look at key components of the tech stack, network diagrams, web framework, and much more.

Security configuration review

We carefully review the security configurations such identity and access management, cryptography, and more.
Your app is a complex web of configurations, microservices, and features. We review every single element, including identity and access management, cryptography, and more.

Risk assessment

We build an exhaustive threat model outlining threat scenarios, attack vectors, and test cases. Our model even accounts for user stories across the microservices in your app.

Comprehensive report

Our final report covers our full review process, a GAP analysis, detailed statistics and test outcomes, key takeaways, and recommendations from a design and architecture perspective

Every great app needs a good blueprint

Plenty can change between the design and deployment phases.
Make your SDLC count with best-in-class security services by we45.

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