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Mobile security risk is on the rise

93% of organizations have experienced at least one mobile security attack in 2020
25% of mobile apps are released with at least one high-risk security flaw
Business apps are 3 times more likely to leak login credentials than the average app

The evidence is everywhere. Nobody is safe from global attacks on mobile applications. That includes you.

Lightweight apps, heavy-duty security

Mobile apps not only have massive user bases, they also store tons of highly sensitive user data. If your organization develops mobile apps, security needs to be your highest priority.

But you don't have to do it alone.

Mobile security risk is on the rise

Application profiling

By understanding the application and its deployment environment, our team determines the best testing methods to use.

Risk analysis

We work with the business and technical teams to develop a detailed threat model identifying various threat to critical assets.

Black-box testing

We test for insecure practices at every stage from coding to deployment, and assess infrastructure elements like databases, servers, proxies, and more.

Executive summary

After the testing, we offer an exhaustive report on critical vulnerabilities, with detailed statistics on our findings.


Finally, we offer a comprehensive list of recommendations on how your teams can systematically fix security issues.

Earn your customers' trust the right way

People love a company that cares about their privacy and security.
We can help you give your customers peace of mind.

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