Your apps deserve the best security treatment
money can buy.
That's where we come in.

Vulnerabilities are hard to find and harder to catch

Security testing isn't just a one-time deal.
What you need is a systematic analysis of the target application, followed by a grassroots-level reworking of your security program as a whole.
A smarter approach for much better results.


Our extensive R&D division lets us offer bleeding-edge services


We take budgets and business priorities into account during testing


Our testing methods are incredibly detailed and comprehensive

Fortifying your apps from the inside out

Functional Walkthrough

We take a tour of your application using a 'grey-box' approach. Our team uses real-world security exploits by simulating what a real attacker would do.

Threat Modeling

We use proven methods like STRIDE and VAST to develop a sophisticated threat model, mapping out the attack surface and creating security test cases.


Using a combination of manual pen-testing and automated security scans, we build a comprehensive picture of your app's security anatomy.

Test Case Automation

We develop automation scripts and test cases specifically for your apps. Over multiple iterations of assessment, this results in massive efficiency gains.

Analysis & Reporting

Our reports give you an in-depth view of your security posture, detailed metrics on vulnerabilities, and the long-term business impact they can have.


Once your product team begins fixing the bugs, we verify your apps once more. We give you a certificate of assessment and a detailed report of the testing process.

What we do is years ahead of the competition

Our services go way beyond what anyone else in the industry offers. we45’s cutting-edge research and testing are simply game-changing for your AppSec program.

Cloud security & serverless

Kubernetes security

Cloud-native architecture

A culture of unmatched innovation is what makes us unquestionably the best choice in security.

Zero risk, high reward

we45's end-to-end application security testing leaves nothing to chance.
Let us show you how we can custom-build a security program for your organization from scratch.

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