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Stop rebuilding. Start building secure by default.

Engineering teams that ignore security have to go back and fix their apps before release.
Weak security = Inefficient development.
As your trusted partner in product security, we45 can help you build apps securely by default.
Save time, release faster, and never worry about security again.

We are your partners in product security


Penetration Testing

Get a 360-degree view of your security anatomy. We combine manual security testing with automated scans to identify the most serious vulnerabilities in your apps.

Security Architecture Review

Design your apps to be secure by default. We evaluate the architecture, tech stack, and security configurations of your app, assessing potential risks and threat vectors.

Threat Modeling

Know all possible threats to your apps at every stage of development. We develop user and abuser stories to automate security test cases, integrating them right into your SDLC.

Application Security Maturity Modeling

Identify the fastest way to level up your security posture. We analyze your tech stack to understand your security maturity, and devise a strategy to help you get ahead.


Security Automation

Never miss another deadline. We automate your security processes and help you build a CI/CD pipeline. Double your efficiency and keep security on pace with development.


All your vulnerabilities in one place. Orchestron automatically aggregates, correlates, and manages your security flaws. Get all the data you need for flawless remediation.

Security Regression

Make iterative security super-easy. We ensure previously identified vulnerabilities don’t show up in future builds. Keep your data clean no matter how complex your tech stack.

Threat Modeling as Code

Codify your security processes. Embrace automation with iterative threat modeling for continuous security.

Cloud-Native Security

Cloud Testing and Red-Teaming

Open up your cloud apps like never before. We use every offensive technique in the book to break your app and document what we find, from logic flaws to insecure APIs.

Cloud Security Architecture Review

See the forest AND the trees. We help you make sense of complicated cloud infrastructure with detailed analysis of your design, tooling, policies, and security processes.

Kubernetes Pentesting and Red-Teaming

Bleeding-edge meets offensive security. We cut through your complex Kubernetes tech stack to seek out the most critical vulnerabilities at the heart of your cloud application.

Kubernetes Security Architecture Review

Kubernetes security made simple. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your apps, offering an expert perspective on the state of your cloud-native architecture.

Security training that isn’t a snoozefest

Build your very own SEAL Team Six of security with our help.
Skip the boring lectures and experience hands-on AppSec training like you’ve never seen.


Ever wanted all your product security training on a single platform? We can do even better. Nearly 50 courses in Cloud Security, Kubernetes Security, DevSecOps, Threat Modeling and more. Video lessons reinforced with 400+ hands-on labs. All on your browser. That’s AppSecEngineer.


We tailor courses for your organization, complete with hands-on labs and cutting-edge content. Teams stay engaged when they learn skills relevant to their roles. we45 pioneers Kubernetes and Cloud Security training no one else is doing.

We've trained Fortune 500 companies, and sold out at Black Hat, DEF CON, and OWASP. If you need personalized training for your organization, we're the ones to call.

This is AppSec designed to fire on all cylinders

We understand that security isn't one-size-fits-all. Tailored solutions for building bulletproof security programs: that's we45.

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